“Dutch Tzedakah” - Stories of righteous ones in the Netherlands - Saving Jews from the Nazis

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Dutch Tzedakah

“The Fruit of the Righteous is a Tree of Life”




Part One

The Story unfolds in History

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1… Introduction Part 1 / The Land of Inheritance

2… The Years of Persecution

3… The Sephardic Jews

4… Dutch Audacity

5… Mokum

6… Building a New Life

7… The Emancipation

8… The Hunter Approaches

Part Two

Tzedakah - Love and Charity in Action


9… Introduction Part 2 / Mr Bendien is Jewish

10… The Dock-worker

11… Hunted Like a Deer

12… Tzedakah Verses Rage

13… Klazina Kuipers Story

14… Tzedakah, the Conclusion

-15- The evils of HaShoah – The Holocaust


--WARNING-- Chapter -15- contains photographs depicting the atrocities committed against the Jewish People by the monsters of the Third Reich.

Please be aware the images 0n Page 15 for obvious reasons may well cause a deep emotional effect, thus, if you are sensitive, regardless if you are a Jew or a Gentile the bottom part of Page (15) should be avoided. It was added for many so long after the evil days of the Holocaust having occurred, that there are some of those in the world who can not remember what actually happened, and it must never be forgotten the evil that was and sadly in so many ways is still in the world!

I have been asked over the years, “Why has the Anne Frank story not been included?” Certainly her story had such a powerful impact on the world and I certainly agree that some would wonder why it is not in this book. But there is a very good reason for it! Personally I have visited the Anne Frank House on a good number of occasions over many years and I have many books of on the subject from her Diary and an amazing book by Miep Gies who with others hid the family from the Nazis and also kept them well and so lovingly provided for them. Thus, the subject and has touched me powerfully since I has quite young.

I recall well that powerful movie with Millie Perkins playing that powerful, yet such a memorable role as Anne Frank and Shelly Winters also stood out and she won an Academy Award for the best supporting role, playing Mrs. Van Daans who shared the home with the Frank’s. With Mrs. Van Daans was her husband who was played by Lou Jacobi and their teenage son, Peter was played by Richard Beymer (from West side Story). But this 1959 movie when I was a boyish teenager made a huge impact on me and it could well be said that this book came out of this experience and that is why my frequent visits to the Frank House on the Prinsengracht close to the Westerkerk (Western church) and I suggest when you are touring Europe and are in Amsterdam that you visit the Anne Frank House & Museum!

But back to the original question! The reason I have not included the story of Anne frank is only because it has already received a massive amount of coverage, whilst the stories contained in my book are mostly unknown, except one, of which a movie was also made, yet it is very little known! Sadly the Anne Frank House and Museum today is basically secular and in some ways even controversial, as it has been taken over by a certain movement I cannot support, whilst this work takes a more Scriptural view of the Historic story and what occurred and you will discover what I mean as you read on!

Reuben ben Gershom.


Please Note: Reference is made in this work regarding “so-called Christians” who persecuted and harmed the Children of Israel, including other Christians, and Gentiles alike. Most of this persecution was perpetrated by clergy and individuals of the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Greek, Russian, and other Orthodox Churches. This work does NOT, in any way, condemn blameless individuals, who are members of these faiths, or other groups. Within these very circles, there were many individuals, who protected and saved the ‘Jewish’ people and others, at times at cost to their lives. These blessed ones are honoured by Hebrews worldwide and in the State of Israel!


“He (the LORD God) loves righteousness and judgement the mercy of the LORD fills the earth” Psalm 33:5.


1. Book Version.

1994 Dutch edition: Drukkerij & Uitgeverij Moria, Moria Press, Hilversum the Netherlands.
Translated by: Elly Buker.

Art work by Shmuel Elisha ben Avram.
Royal Library of the Netherlands, The Hague, the Netherlands.

Registered: MALMAD. Israel Union List-Full Database.

ISBN 906591234.


Special editions of this book are located at:

Hebrew University Museum, Jerusalem.

The Israel National Museum, Jerusalem.

YAD VASHEM, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Jerusalem.

Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam.

The Royal Library of the Netherlands, The Hague.


2. English Online version - www.dutchtzedakah.comReuben ben Gershom.

1st English edition 1998 Reuben ben Gershom.

2nd English edition 2008 Reuben ben Gershom.

3rd English edition 2011 Reuben ben Gershom.

4th English edition 2014 Reuben ben Gershom.

5th English edition 2021 Reuben ben Gershom.



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